The Future of Investing
in German Real Estate

GermanReal.Estate makes investing in German properties easy & accessible to everyone – from as little as 1€. Unlock a new way to invest with security tokens and change your financial future today.

German Real Estate Price Increase Continues

Postbank (a branch of Deutsche Bank AG) calculates the change in property prices in Germany anually. Real Estate prices continue to rise esepcially in the “Big Seven” German cities despite the pandemic.


Inflation-adjusted price increase of
German real estate in the year 2019


Inflation-adjusted price increase of
German real estate in the year 2020


Price increase recorded in districts surrounding the top 7 German cities

Your Diversified real estate portfolio in 3 easy steps

GermanReal.Estate is revolutionizing the traditional German property market with a completely new investment possibility that didn’t exist so far. Security tokens allow investors to buy real estate in Germany cheaper, easier, and more liquid than ever before.


1. Register for free

We make investing easy. Simply click on the “Invest Now” button and create your profile without any obligation.


2. select investments

The detailed information on our platform helps you to choose the property projects that match your investing goals.

3. build your portfolio

Manage your risk by investing in many different projects to diversify your portfolio and earn more stable returns.

you can buy real estate in germany for just 1€

The term “real estate security token” confuses you and you would like more information? Our YouTube videos & blog article will explain everything in detail so you can make an informed decision before investing in something you don’t really understand.

how it works

Historically, only German residents have been able to profit from rising real estate prices by investing in German properties. GermanReal.Estate now opens this asset class to everyone with the help of security tokens – no matter if you are an experienced investor or just starting.

1. Funding of Real estate project developers

Investment opportunities are brought to our platform from our experienced property development partners from all around Germany.

2. We Tokenize Projects For You

The real estate project is split into 1€ security tokens that represent a legal claim against the property development company just like a regular bond.

3. choose your investments

As investments on GermanReal.Estate start from 1€, everyone can be an investor. It is really easy to create a diversified portfolio for stable returns.

4. Earn Return On Your Investments

Your investments generate a return based on the rental income from tenants or from the sale of the property underlying the security token.

5. Accelerate Your Returns

Reinvest your earnings so your money can keep working for you. Over time, your earnings can grow exponentially thanks to compounding interest.

Current Real Estate Offerings

Invest in existing properties or developing projects from highly experienced property developers with an attractive return. You can browse all current offerings and get full background information before choosing an investment you believe in.

How Investors Are Protected On GermanReal.Estate

GermanReal.Estate is supervised by financial regulation from the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin). This supervision increases security for our investors by establishing requirements and restrictions to protect investors’ interests.

Regulated Environment

We are fully regulated by German BaFin and compliant with German financial laws.

Tokens backed by property

All our security tokens are secured with a legal claim just like regular bonds.

Special Purpose Vehicles

The assets of our investors are held separately from our company assets.

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