Company Portrait: Variond

The Variond Group is a fast-growing group of companies with a focus on residential real estate development. Variond has set standards for value-enhancing revitalization in Germany for years.

About The Variond Group

“In a time where everyone is discussing the need for new constructions, we focus on an often overlooked treasure: existing properties. In many major cities, including Stuttgart, historic old buildings have accumulated vast potential for renovations. This is where we step in. Our intelligent concept revitalizes properties with development potential, securing not only their preservation but also a substantial value increase.

Our strength lies in the revitalization of multi-family homes. As a privately-owned company, we have specialized in renovations for years and take pride in our sustainable successes. We acquire properties with development potential in Southern Germany at fair market prices, forging close partnerships with brokers and institutional sellers. This trust-based relationship provides us with continuous access to new real estate projects.

Our strength also lies in the internal planning, management, and oversight of the entire construction process. This not only ensures safety but also reduces renovation costs, enabling rapid execution. We collaborate with our own team of craftsmen and select local specialized businesses to transform “problem properties” into modern, high-quality, and energy-efficient living spaces.”

Investments of Variond on our marketplace

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Our GermanReal.Estate marketplace allows you to invest indirectly via security tokens in the project developments from Variond. The property developer focuses primarily on sustainable and value-enhancing revitalization in southern Germany.

CEO of Variond

Fabian Neshati

CEO & Founder of the Variond Group I Real estate investor I Strategic partner for private and institutional investors


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