56 Ways To Make Money With Real Estate In Germany

Would you like to make money with real estate (in Germany)? Then this article is for you! 🤑 We will go through 56 ways to make money with real estate in Germany.

Key Takeaways

  • To make money in real estate through traditional methods, a full-time job is necessary.
  • Build a digital presence by producing online content that helps you build a following community for your brand.
  • Many real estate services require special training and qualifications. So you have to start at a different point.
  • To create a successful real estate product, you need to stand out from the crowd and offer something unique that does not exist yet.
  • Real estate investments have the potential to be lucrative, but make sure you understand the business before you get involved!

Do You Know All Ways To Make Money In Real Estate? Try these 56!

One of our viewers sent over an article describing just how easy it is to make money with real estate. The article includes a list of 55 ways to make money with real estate! Just for kicks, we added one more. 

With so many ways to make money with real estate, and with it being so easy, we can’t imagine why anyone is still working a normal job! But what do we know? In this GermanReal.Estate FAQ, we’ll take a look at all 56 ways to make money with real estate, and how realistic they really are. 

To give some structure to this long list, it is divided into 5 different categories. We’ve also grouped things within each category so that we don’t discuss each method of making money individually. Otherwise, this would end up being a very long article.

Number 56 on the list, of course, is the item we added ourselves – our Real Estate Security Tokens!

Traditional Jobs In Real Estate

The first 14 items on the list, so-called “traditional methods” of making money in real estate, are already questionable in our opinion. 

Ways 1 -3 to make money with real estate

In our humble opinion, we don’t consider the first two points on this list as making money with real estate. As an office manager, you work a full-time job like any other person. The one making money with real estate, in this case, is the guy owning the building, not the office manager. Property inspectors or appraisers are regular jobs too. 

The property inspectors we work with in Germany are highly trained, usually, architects or construction engineers, that write 40-page reports after inspecting a property inside and out. Also, just becoming an appraiser to make money with real estate on the side is probably not going to work for the majority of us. 

Ways 4 - 7 to make money with real estate

The next four jobs on the list, all types of property managers, are the same. At GermanReal.Estate, we buy properties for you guys to invest in. Since these properties are spread around Germany, we don’t manage the properties ourselves. We have professional property management companies taking care of our investments. If that’s what you want to do, start working for one of these companies and gain experience. Because, if you would offer to manage our properties with absolutely no experience we would decline, and so will everyone else who owns real estate. 

Ways 8 -10 to make money with real estate

Experience in the real estate industry is a key factor for the next three points on the list as well. You cannot start your own brokerage company, coach real estate agents, or get millions of Euros from other investors to manage their fix and flips for them without it! You need significant experience in the real estate industry to get your foot in the door. And how do you get this experience?

Ways 11 - 14 to make money with real estate

The last four points in this category are a good way to start if you want to work in the real estate industry and gain the experience you need. Start as a real estate agent or a similar position, and work your way up. No career ladder starts at the top, they all start at the bottom.

Real Estate Online Content

The next category is creating online content around real estate. For example, that is what we are doing with the GermanReal.Estate and PerFinEx YouTube channels. 

We agree with the article author that creating content gives you the chance to demonstrate knowledge in your niche and show your viewers, readers, or listeners that you are not one of those fake online gurus that just pretend to have experience. Some people consuming your content will not like you, and that’s okay. But others will like what you put out there, and that gives you the chance to build a community

Ways 15 - 16 to make money with real estate

Once you build a community around your content, you can start to monetize that content with affiliate links. This could be an affiliate link to an external service or product or your own product or service.

For example, the Real Estate Security Tokens available on our GermanReal.Estate Marketplace. This is by far the easiest way to invest in real estate in Germany, and much more affordable than buying a property yourself. You can start investing in our Real Estate Security Tokens for just 100€.

You can also put ads on your content. It can be mostly free to place adverts on your social media or your website. It’s fine to have ads to support a content creator. The issue is that you will need hundreds of thousands or even millions of clicks before you make significant money from ads. But if you can reach this, it’s great passive income.

Ways 17 - 18 to make money with real estate

The last two ways to make money from real estate online content require an even bigger audience. Before you have the opportunity to do sponsored content or hide your content behind a paywall, you need a lot of followers or subscribers.

Real Estate Services

The next category to make money with real estate is different kinds of real estate services.

Ways 19 - 24 to make money with real estate

The first six ways to make money in this category are pretty unrealistic. You cannot just become a tax advisor specializing in real estate taxation or fix roofs as a side hustle, you need specialized knowledge and skills. In fact, the article says becoming a notary is super easy, and you can make a little easy money on the side. It seems becoming a notary in the US is not the same complicated process as in Germany!

Ways 25 - 32 to make money with real estate

The other eight jobs in this category are easier than becoming a notary, but still, as in the traditional methods category, these are full-time jobs. They don’t involve making quick or easy money with real estate, as one could have assumed when reading the clickbait title of this article. We sincerely question if you can make a lot of money with real estate when painting or cleaning someone else’s property.

Real Estate Products

Let’s move on to real estate products.

Ways 33 - 36 to make money with real estate

The first four ways to make money in this category feel similar to creating online content. Of course, you can do all these depending on what you’re good at, whether writing, making videos, or shooting photos. However, there is so much content already out there. So, before you decide to publish the 20th eBook or online course about being successful with real estate, realize that to be successful in this real estate product category, you need to create something truly unique! Something that separates you from the rest. You then also need people to believe that you are unique.

Way 37 to make money with real estate

The last item in the real estate product category is equipment rental. It can work if you do a lot of research to figure out what people want to rent. You will also need to make a large upfront investment to buy all the equipment. Then you need to find the people that want to rent equipment and hope they don’t damage your equipment. 

Real Estate Investments

The category probably most of you are interested in is the real estate investments category.

Ways 38 - 43 To Make Money With Real Estate​

To start, we can list the six common types of properties to invest in. Before buying any of these properties, you probably want to do a deep analysis because they all work very, very differently.

Ways 44 - 46 To Make Money With Real Estate​

Also, based on the different property types, the renting out process works very differently. If you are interested, we can do a separate video or blog on this topic. 

Ways 47 - 48 To Make Money With Real Estate​

Fix-and-flip and wholesaling are similar to traditional methods or real estate services jobs. In other countries, it might work that you can start a side hustle easily and with little bureaucracy. However, here in Germany, the Finanzamt (our tax authority), IHK (our Chamber of Commerce), or the Gewerbeamt (the local trade office) will cause you many problems if you do anything without first registering a business and getting all the licenses and insurances that you need!

Ways 49 - 56 To Make Money With Real Estate​

For the last eight methods on the list, we covered several in our YouTube videos and blog articles. For example, on the topics of REITs and crowdfunding. Number 56 on the list, of course, is the item we added ourselves – our Real Estate Security Tokens!

That concludes the list of 56 ways to make money with real estate. This comprehensive guide has provided you with valuable insights and ideas on how to make money in the real estate industry. Whether you are a seasoned real estate investor or just starting out, there are numerous opportunities to grow your wealth and achieve financial freedom through real estate investing.

From flipping houses to rental properties, commercial real estate, and real estate security tokens, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to invest in properties locally or explore opportunities in different regions and even countries. With the right strategy, mindset, and resources, you can build a thriving real estate portfolio that generates passive income and long-term wealth.

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