How To Register As Investor

Key Takeaways

  • In order to invest in our real estate security tokens, investors need to verify their identity and create their wallet once.
  • Our managing director Axel recorded himself during the registration process so you can follow along.
  • This article will help you to go through the 7 registration steps as smoothly as possible.

GermanReal.Estate Investor Registration Process

Before investing in real estate security tokens on the GermanReal.Estate marketplace, investors need to create their account (only one time before the very first investment). This registration process involves the verification of the investor’s identity as well as the setup of the wallet. Investors can follow these 7 steps to register as easily as possible and start investing in tokenized real estate:

In order to start the registration process, investors can click on any of the “Invest Now” buttons on the GermanReal.Estate website. Before investing, we strongly advise reading our general risk disclosure as well as the specific risks of the respective investment that are mentioned on the specific real estate security token website. After reading about the risks of the investment, investors may continue with their registration.

1. Investment Data:

To start the investor registration process, we need some personal information about the investor (e.g. name, address, birthday, email address, etc). This step also involves agreeing to our terms & conditions if you would like to invest in our real estate security tokens. After finishing the first step, the investor will receive an email from us to confirm his email address and determine his investment amount (starting usually at 100€).

2. Knowledge & Experience:

To make sure our investor registration process is aligned with German financial regulations, the second step is to ask investors about their qualifications, occupation, and investing experience. The questionnaire is voluntary, investors can also click on “I do not want to give any information.” if they choose to do so. We strongly advise to take just a minute and fill out the questionnaire about the investor’s experience.

3. Confirm Investment:

After completing the questionnaire, it is time to read and accept the legal documents of the respective real estate security token (e.g. consumer information, basic information sheet, security conditions, etc). We strongly recommend reading the investment documents before accepting them. However, there is no need to download the legal documents as they will be sent to the investor’s email address.

4. Verification Of Identity:

To be compliant with German money laundering laws, investors need to identify themselves. That is why the next step is to verify your identity. As of writing this article, we are working together with IDnow as our identification service provider. If you face problems with your identification process, please send us a message with your ident ID (format: ABC-DEFGH) and we will clarify the issue for you.

5. Payment Of Investment Amount:

After the identity of the investor has been verified, we will send out an email with the payment details to transfer the investment amount for the real estate security token. By clicking on the “View Payment Data” button in the email, investors will be redirected to their GermanReal.Estate investor dashboard. Important: Make sure to use the correct “reference” (Verwendungszweck in German) when making your transfer. This account will also be used to pay profits (e.g. from rising security token value). You can change your reference bank account later on in your GermanReal.Estate dashboard when you change your bank account.

6. Saving The Wallet Account Connection:

Once the issuer received the investment, investors will get another email confirming their investment in the respective real estate security token. In order to finish the registration process, investors can now choose their custody option with the instructions that are sent by email. Our GermanReal.Estate app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. By scanning the QR code, the app will connect automatically with the GermanReal.Estate investor dashboard and create the 12-word recovery phrase that investors should write down and store safely.

7. Saving Taxes When Investing:

As real estate security tokens are considered financial securities, everyone with a German tax ID (11 digit number) can secure an annual bonus of 801€ (1.602€ for married couples) in capital gains taxes (also from passive income) when investing on GermanReal.Estate. As of writing this article, the German government is likely to increase that 801€ tax-free threshold to 1.000€ (2.000€ for married couples) starting in 2023.

After completing the 7 steps, investors can see their portfolio in their GermanReal.Estate dashboard, earn rewards, make changes to their account, or new investments in other real estate security tokens. Hopefully, our video tutorial and blog article was helpful for every (potential) investor that wants to register on GermanReal.Estate in order to start investing in real estate security tokens.

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