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The ETEON Group has developed real estate projects worth more than 100 million Euros in many different cities in Germany. The main focus of the ETEON Group is quality & sustainability.

Mission Of The ETEON Group AG

“The ETEON GROUP pursues the mission of developing high-quality real estate. The main focus is on excellent, intelligent, innovative construction, characterized by sustainable concepts.”

Best material and modern design are core competencies, which are firmly anchored in every ETEON property. For us, well-thought-out floor plans and modern technologies are essential points for outstanding quality.



The most important thing about our properties is the individual and intelligent design of the new home. On the one hand, our projects are very flexible in terms of materials and floor plans, on the other hand, we work future-oriented through sustainable planning and implementation. We think in the long term and therefore also what will be in 20 or 30 years.

Excellent work, that is our claim for us and our customers. We work with renowned architects, designers, structural engineers, and consultants, who allow us to make each of our projects unique. Our in-house staff oversees and closely monitors every aspect of project development. From concept to completion, we devote all the necessary resources to deliver the best products and services.



Our projects stand out for their futuristic appearance and range of functions. ETEON uses sustainable and recycled building materials in its myGreenHome line. We also focus on innovative energy supplies such as photovoltaic (PVT) or geothermal energy. Furthermore, efforts are made to improve energy requirements through optimal room layout and land use is minimized through compensatory measures. Also covered is the area of e-mobility in all our product lines.

Investments of ETEON on our marketplace

Bei GermanReal.Estate investieren Sie nicht direkt in Immobilien, sondern in Wertpapiere. Der Erwerb der Wertpapiere auf dieser Webseite ist mit erheblichen Risiken verbunden, die zum vollständigen Verlust des eingesetzten Vermögens führen können. Weitere Risikohinweise lesen Sie bitte bevor Sie investieren hier. Die hier dargestellten Informationen haben ausschließlich werbenden Charakter und stellen weder ein Angebot zum Kauf, eine Aufforderung zur Abgabe eines Angebots, noch zur Zeichnung des Wertpapiers dar. Insbesondere stellen die Informationen keine Finanz- oder Anlageberatung dar. Wir weisen darauf hin, dass sich unsere Wertpapiere ausschließlich an Personen mit gewöhnlichem Aufenthalt in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland richten. Das hier angebotenen Wertpapiere unterliegen dem deutschen Recht und werden ausschließlich in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland angeboten. Nur die deutsche Fassung der Vertragsunterlagen ist verbindlich. Die englische Übersetzung dient lediglich zu Informationszwecken.

Our GermanReal.Estate marketplace allows you to invest indirectly via security tokens in the project developments from the ETEON Group. The German property developer focuses primarily on innovative & intelligent construction as well as sustainable concepts.

Videos From The ETEON Group AG

The CEO of the ETEON Group AG (Richard Teichelmann) and our managing director (Axel Brückner) shoot regular videos to update our GermanReal.Estate investment community. See the playlist to get deep insights into current and future projects of the ETEON Group.

Current Projects Of The ETEON Group AG

Currently, the ETEON Group is able to purchase project volumes as never before in their company history. This growth is due to ETEON’s successful business model, which is based on three pillars – purchasing, planning, and construction.

Successful Track Record Of The ETEON Group AG

The current project volume of ETEON amounts to approximately 104.000.000€ with another 50.000.000€ currently being examined for purchase within the next 18 to 24 months. This will position ETEON in the German real estate market sustainably and in the long term.


Meet the man behind the ETEON Group AG that started working in the real estate industry in 2014. Within just a couple of years, he developed ETEON into what it is today with more than 100 million Euros in real estate project volume in different cities all over Germany.

Richard Teichelmann

Started in 2014 as a real estate agent in Leipzig and worked his way up as CEO of the ETEON Group with +30 employees.


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